Less to do. More to enjoy.

Better living with a clean apartment

An apartment-only service: your place cleaned by trusted professionals, on the same day every other week, at a budget friendly price.
We only schedule apartments, creating the potential for you to earn more while traveling less.

Getting Your Place Cleaned

Step 1: Sign Up For The Plan!

Tell us how soon you want to start the plan then we’ll give you your first cleaning date + your cleaning schedule: cleanings on the same day, every other week by a trusted cleaning professional.

Step 2: Prep your place

  • Pick up a few things so the cleaner can focus on cleaning.
  • Take care of your pet(s).

Step 3: Enjoy! Your Clean Place Awaits.

  • Make sure your cleaner can get in on cleaning day!

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Become A Cleaning Partner

Step 1: Sign-up!

We ask you for basic information: your name, email, and social security number, then run a background check, at no cost to you.

Step 2: Background check passed!

Congrats, you’ve passed the background check! Now it’s time to complete your profile.

Step 3: Ready to start making money!

You’re now ready to start cleaning. Check your account to start accepting cleaning blocks.

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